Wednesday, May 21, 2008

War & Peace:
Feint, Strike & Retaliate

Life in Death by Benji Williams.

I wonder what's going through his mind?
Maybe it's some wild, cartoon vision of the storming of Normandy on D-Day.

Works by Leslie Ditto:
Similar Sorrows and Bullets and Blood.

Cavalry Saber by Sid Watters.

Our photographer is quite a tall girl.
See that camera angle? She simply towers over the masses...

Also by Benji Williams:
Tank Flowered and Parade.

You were fooled: life doesn't happen at Atlantic Station...

In the field of strategy, there's a maneuver called "feinting." It causes confusion, suspense, and ultimately, surprise. An exceptionally useful technique...

**Apologees for the recent Ghostmap delays.**
Expect reviews in the very near future.
Captions in blue = courtesy of Christ Warner @ Alcove Gallery.
Captions in red = photography by Kristin Quackenbush.

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Ben Grad said...


Jeremy said...

Thanks - it's streamlined now.

Oh, your comments hurt... our expectations are getting a little high for "just a blog."


Jonathan said...

grammar shmammar

Blogging is an exploration into the boundaries of the written language, i.e. five minutes to write this, go! and people can apparently piece together the point with nothing more than consonant letters anyway. (or at least that's what some chain email said)

Jeremy said...

English majors are smelly. Good thing I'm not one...

Ben Grad said...

Writing = thought.