Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sound Track(s)

Wow. It's been one hell-of-a weekend. And by "hell" I mean "good." Ah, and just think - the weekend isn't even over yet!

Saturday: I had the pleasure of finally meeting Cinque Hicks, the new arts writer for Creative Loafing. It was at the latest MINT opening - a pretty interesting show of various artists from the SCAD community. Too bad MINT can still only manage one-night shows... (The logistics are difficult; nonprofits have limited resources.) We all need a little work on our attendance...

I'm pretty psyched about seeing their second mix tape show later this summer. Last year was a blast.

Mixed tapes are awesome, although these days no one really wants to put forth the effort. Digital playlists - the effortless, modern equivalent of the mix tape - will have to suffice. If my blog had a soundtrack, for instance, it might sound a little like this:
Ghostmap.DanceParty - Vol. I
1. *
2. Justice - Phantom Pt. II (video)
3. Deltron 3030 - Memory Loss (excellent lyrics; just click "read more.")
4. Wax Taylor - Am I Free? (short version)
5. Hope for Agoldensummer - Heart of Art
6. Misfits - Crimson Ghost

Have any rockin' playlists? I'm willing to trade for good ones...

* I'm holding back the first track, also known as "Ghostmap Themesong 2008." It's a surprise... I'm sure you'll like it. ; )



Ben Grad said...

My money's on Art Brut's "Modern Art" (

I'm joking - maybe "Top of the Pops" or something by Glass Candy? Or even Billy Idol's "Neuromancer?"


"I'm the neuromancer--I'm trancing
and I'm trancing

Denied love in the age of ruin
Suicide toxins of my own demise
In cyberspace, you know how much
The earth ain't learning
Smoking out the man, inside the child--yeah"

So awesome.

Jonathan said...

Did somebody say dance party?

I know the new Madonna makes me sweat.

I kid.

What about Queen's Lover Boy?

Hopeforagoldensummer = awesome, I still listen to my Claire and Bane's Maple Yum Yum, circa 2000, all the time


Miss Darrow said...

Hopeforagoldensummer on a dance mix? Really? Regular mix suer, but I don't know about for dancing.

MIX SUMMER 2K8 (stollen from certain significant others itunes, but still AMAZING)

Townes Van Zandt – "Lungs" This mixtape opens and closes with the legendary Townes Van Zandt in celebration of my finally finding some of his LP’s. For those of you that have not heard him before, please check him out…seriously he is one of the finest songwriters in American history.

Human Bell – "Outposts of Oblivion" Nathan Bell from Lungfish has a new band…they are Human Bell and it is some seriously transcendent shit.

Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso – "Domingo" Wonderful Brazilian pre-tropicalia track from Gal and Caetano.

Earth – "Rise to Glory" Ahh the new Earth record. Already in the top spot for best record of the year and with Bill Frisell making appearances on the album it will be hard to knock this out.

Stanley Brothers – "I Can Tell You The Time" Wonderful old clinch mountain track from the earliest Stanley Brothers recordings.

Leonard Cohen – "Who by Fire" Arguably the best track off his best album…the Morricone-esque chamber ending comes out of nowhere.

Sleeping People – "Three Things" I really hate most math rock…but this new band from the guys that used to be in Rumah Sakit is doing it right.

Bert Jansch – "Needle of Death" Haunting track from the guy who most single handedly influenced Nick Drake.

Amon Düül II – "Dem Guten, Schonen Wahren" Psyche-prog freak out from one of Germany’s best.

The Pupils – "It’s Good To Have Met You" Daniel and Asa from Lungfish doing what they do best. Repetitive heaven.

Townes Van Zandt – "Dollar Bill Blues" Finally we have Townes again to close it out. God I seriously love this man.

mike said...

Deltron 3030 is the best sci-fi, hip-hop, concept album of all time. Look out for the mixtape show this year, its gonna be hot. "ReMIXT: Revisiting the art of the mixtape." August 23rd at MINT.