Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Shenanigans: Guns, Games & God...

Photos by Nancy Floyd - from She's Got a Gun. Floyd, who showed a selection of her gun series at Solomon Projects, received a glowing review from the late Felicia Feaster. The qualifiers for Olympic rifle competition are incredibly rigorous. Above: this young competitor - no more than 19 years old - is "meditating" between shots. The idea, says Floyd, is that if you can actually lower your heart rate, your accuracy will improve.

Charlton Heston, recently deceased.
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. - Psalm 23
A religious man, Heston was a champion of the Faith. Despite his increasing age, he proved to be as mighty in American politics as he was on the silver screen. Naturally, he found no contradiction in trading one phallic instrument for another. All for the glory of Jeezus.

And lookey here... it's a Lego Moses!! From a wonderful webcomic devoted to the truthful and accurate retelling of the Bible. With Legos.

Also recently deceased: Gary Gygax, cofounder of the pop culture phenomenon, Dungeons & Dragons. America's most formidable secret agent, Vin Diesel, explains just why D&D is so freaking cool.

Screen shots from the recently released Grand Theft Auto 4. The game sold over 6 million copies in its first week. But the word on the street is... not everyone likes it. The gaming company, Take-Two Interactive, has already filed a lawsuit against the activist and Florida attorney, Jack Thompson. Good times.

(Has anyone played this game? I've been away from games - and the TV - for a long time...)

Above: it's still incredibly fashionable these days - regardless of how "thug" one may be - to sport tattoos of Japanese or Chinese symbols. This clever fellow has marked himself with the character for "self." This tattoo - I suppose - was chosen just in case he gets "the shiv" in the middle of the night and can no longer recognize the man standing in the mirror...

Happy weekend! So long luvs. ::: )


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