Thursday, August 24, 2006

"The Real World"

What I learned in the "real" world (part 1):

1) Middle-aged losers and/or yuppies incessantly ask you, "Oh, a bachelor's degree! So, what are you doing now? Now that you're in the real world, afterall."

Did I mention that these people can all shove it? Shove it right up your bloated, self-important, unimaginative (and retarded) rectal blow-holes.

2) This city is still racist - cotton gin, country club-conspiracy, but keep smiling about it, Johnny - racist.

3) Highschool friends are just as good as any other friends ya' got.

4) Spider Jerusalem rocks. He will annihilate 50,000 metric tons of cityscape in one cascading blitz of his own semen.

Being a bastard pays.