Tuesday, February 05, 2008

If you haven't voted yet,

I promise the internet can wait. Seriously.

I'm abstaining from checking primary coverage until the official throw down tonight. In local political news, on the other hand, there may be a bipartisan coup this week to unseat the GA Speaker of the House, Glenn Richardson.

A true egomaniac, Richardson has turned the statehouse into a high school drama:

- In 2008, Richardson threw out Peachcare, a health plan for kids, based on ridiculous (and false) arguments;
- He had an affair with a lobbyist from Atlanta Gas Light
- He stalled the legislature for days over a senseless bull match with the Governor, a fellow Republican (they did this two years in a row); and
- He wants to pass a suspicious sales tax sleight-of-hand called the GREAT Plan. (No joke. That's the legal name, caps and all.)

Below: a spoof image from Creative Loafing's "10 Plagues of Georgia"


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