Thursday, February 21, 2008


Above: Boom, by Chris Lawson
Below: Article preview by Karen Tauches; design by Dosa Kim

Art and activism: FALSE Magazine is a nonprofit publication dedicated to grassroots movements in art and politics in the Atlanta area. The goal of the magazine isn't to make art into something political. In this age of cable TV, anyone who devotes time to creating or appreciating art - local art - has accomplished an extraordinary feat. Participating is already a political act.

By that same token, this latest issue explores themes of local space and urban development. Evan Scheider's piece turns a book review into an entertaining, meditative look at the Atlanta landscape. It's a discussion with Jason Deck, one of the founders of a preschool co-op in Cabbage Town. The article becomes a kind of simulated dialog with author and city planner Christopher Alexander.

Also, check out Misty Harper's interview with mixed-media artist Christopher Lawson (images below). And Ben Grad's piece on a School of the Americas anti-war protest (check Ben's blog here). My own submissions are on page 18: mini interviews with Mary Clare DeReull, Kemp Mooney, and Tom Zarilli.

Check us out around town and look out for our event next month at New Street:

New Street Gallery
Thurs. March 20
Featuring original work by Dosa Kim and Chris Lawson


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