Thursday, February 07, 2008

Art Papers Auction

Mason Murer last Saturday. As I walked by this painting, a drunken lady cornered me with about 8 minutes' worth of comments. She looked like she could have been someone's trophy wife 10 years ago. I'm sure she had good intentions - a nice gal, really. I said the piece reminded me of Henry Darger's Vivian girls. Of course, Darger's girls had penises...

Jennifer Jones schmoozing with other Atlanta artists and being a social butterfly in general. I couldn't stop laughing. This cat here was pretty jolly. More fun pics on Jennifer's blog. As usual, I lacked the fashion sense of most of the males in the room. For better or worse.

I wonder what this would have been like hanging at Beep Beep? Subverted expectations, societal norms, the idea of a "boy toy." True, it's a little obvious. I was thinking about Local Ephemera's comments last week. In what ways can we be critical about pop culture in addition to celebrating it?


The auction had a staggering variety of works: a couple of interesting abstracts, a lot of sleek photos, and a handful of works by better-known locals. Mason Murer is enormous after all. But it was just that deliberate sense of "quantity" that really took hold. The quality wasn't bad, but I wasn't really floored by anything I could see through the crowd. On the other hand, the energy in the room stayed high as auctions were closing left and right.

I'd go again.


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mike said...

Hey I didn't see you up there. Crazy stuff.