Thursday, February 07, 2008

Art Papers Auction: Locals?

Robert Sherer
John Folsom
Danny Campbell
Kate Crosby
Matt Haffner
Allison Rentz

Artists with whom I have little to no familiarity - all billed as Atlanta artists at the auction. I've got to admit, Sherer's Daddy's Little Fascist freaking cracks me up. And the next to last piece, the graffiti photo by Haffner, was apparently part of some installation?

If you've heard anything, care to clue me in?



mike said...

I met Kate at the event she is a friend of a friend. Matt Hafner teaches photography at Kenesaw State and did wheatpastes around Atlanta for ACP in 2005. John Folsom had similar work at Fay Gold Gallery last year sometime. Other local artists were Stephanie Dowda and a Professor of mine from UGA, Michael Oliveri.

Anonymous said...

Haffner and Sherer both teach at Kennesaw State University. There's an article about Haffner in the current issue of Creative Loafing. He did a huge citywide photo installation during the Atlanta Celebrates Photography event in 2006. Sherer currently has a solo show of his "Blood Works" series on exhibition at KSU. "Daddy's Little Nazi" is one of his wood burnings; pieces from that series just won a medal at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy.

ALLison REntz, dictator said...

Greetings Ghostmap Microwave,

I Allison Rentz, am a reader of your blog, and was surprised to see my likeness on this entry. The picture was from a performance that I did in artinfreedompark 2005, called "apple distribution," and it was a part of my piece called "compost." The hula apple was for sale in the art papers auction.

thank you,

Jeremy said...

No, thank you. ; )