Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Addenda (1)

Change Come by Michi and Dosa Kim.

I was horrified to discover this weekend that very few people know about my in-print review of Michi and Dosa Kim's show at Beep Beep Gallery.

So, yes, the review does exist. Clicking on this excerpt will take you to the full text:
Compare that to Change Come, one of the other big paintings. Here, the two artists achieve a much more eloquent synthesis. Although it competes with the outrageous appeal of Stay Cool Br’er, this particular image—with its snarling hulk-of-a-rabbit and his stylish rooster companion—was probably the biggest visual success of the show. Br’er Rabbit is rendered in an opaque, greenish-black, applied distinctly by Kim. But what could have been solid areas of paint are reduced in size, strategically, leaving only these slashing tendrils of tar. The remedy allows you to see Michi’s abstract colors and patterns through the veins of Kim’s monster.
I checked at Eyedrum this weekend, and I'm sure there are 11 or 12 remaining copies of FALSE.

Beep Beep Gallery was kind enough to display the article on their back wall. There, my writing now rubs shoulders with that of our dear Jerry Cullum and Felicia Feaster (formerly of CL).


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Cinque said...

"the late"? You're going to get a very bad rumor started.

Jeremy said...

I suppose "the late Felicia Feaster" is a joke in bad taste...

No harm intended. I know she is still alive, and probably enjoying her new work very much.

robbie the robot said...

jer, i don't think its fair to tell people we posted your article on the back wall without telling them that that is ad space and that you, the late felicia and cullum all paid for space... with bags of red-hot cheetos. ;-)

Jeremy said...

Don't forget the blood and tears bro!

And oaths to Beelzebub.

Wouldn't that be funny if it was ad space for us!?

Seriously though, what would it be like if writers had to pay their subjects to write about them? If you turned the "earned media" model upside-down.

Or if writers had to pay a publication to get their articles published, as a way to help support the costs of printing. If you threw out the advertising business model alltogether.

That is - no more writing articles next to ads for a boob job! I've been tossing around ideas, trying to think around this stuff... What with print as a medium in decline.

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