Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Final Question

ATLANTA, I LOVE YOU!!, photograph of me getting assaulted by one nasty Atlanta-hater at the 900 DeKalb tornado benefit back in April.

Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta survey has an obscene number of questions. There are five sections that cover topics from "Best Atlanta Chef" to "Best New Movement in the Arts" and even "Best Strip Club."

The final question on the last section, I believe, asks for you to vote for the Best Local Visual Arts Blog. I will love, love, love you forever, if you just click here and vote Ghostmap Microwave for Best of the Year.

The contest closes Fri. July 11.

It'll be like the "Colbert Bump," except with you.
I will give you candy. Or booze.

::: )


1 comment:

Jennifer J L Jones said...

Good job, J. Bribes ALWAYS work. But can I have both candy and booze? :-)

Good luck!!