Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ouroboros (1)

(Fuseli's Thor Battering the Midgard Serpent)

The tail-devourer signifies the beginning as well as the end. It is a wheel of creation and destruction, circumscribed around the world in infinite repetition. Within that titanic embrace, the world serpent’s shape delineates a sphere of intelligibility and defines the most profound limits of that sphere. Because he predates the very possibility of continuity, time is meaningless to J√∂rmungandr, since he is essentially the primordial enemy *of* history. The only “time” that matters to the serpent is the moment when time itself will be destroyed. The paradox implied by a world serpent is fascinating. It exists within an epic, antagonistic contention with the world tree: J√∂rmungandr is the logical predicate of Yggdrasil.

(There's a lot of reading ahead - namely, Eliade and Pynchon. But the reptilian hordes have already assembled; Ragnarak has already begun. Bring it on bitches.)

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