Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This is the work of local street artist "Mr. Fangs." His trademark is a stylized Pac-man ghost which, evidently, can be seen all over Atlanta. He is the same artist that did the graffiti for the set of The Dutchman, a play that was performed here at OU. They had to lock up Conant in order to keep his identity secret while he worked.

Compare with Shepard Fairey - whose "Obey Giant" can be seen in most every city in the US, including Atlanta. These days, unfortunately, Shep' seems to be more concerned with merchandising than with art. Shep and Fangs both sell t-shirts on their websites. Fangs even has hand-painted Converse! (insert vomit noise...)

Fangs' work isn't terribly ambitious - he's no Banksy - but he is local, and he is still doing a lot of work. If anyone wants to go hunting for street art in Atlanta this summer, let me know.

(Right: Banksy's images planted directly onto the wall marking the Israel-Palestine border)

Banksy's website
Fangs' website


Fifth said...

65 fucking dollars! For a fucking shirt!

Jeremy said...

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Banksy refuses to sell shirts. He gives you instructions for stencils instead - so you can make your own damn shirts.