Friday, March 31, 2006


Kennesaw State University fucked me over. They moved the time-slot for my paper, and now I can't even go to the conference. Anyways, I posted my introduction below - and here is another cut-out:

Write with blood: and you will experience that blood is spirit … I hate reading idlers … Another century of readers and the spirit itself will stink.
- the advise of a writer who had already begun to read behind and in-between the lines etched into the history of philosophy, who had the courage and wisdom to radically assert that
The extraordinary courage and wisdom of Kant … has won the most difficult victory, that over the optimistic foundation of logic, which form the underpinnings of our culture.
Kant, we ask? The optimistic champion of logic overturned the foundations of logic? In all seriousness, Nietzsche suggests that the project of reason a priori, pursued to its limit as in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Critiques, reinforces the limit of intelligibility. As reason attempts to cross the boundary of this limitation, attempting a discursive theory-of-everything – reason crosses itself.

But science, spurred by its powerful illusion, speeds incessantly toward its limits where its optimism concealed in the essence of logic runs aground. Socratic man comes to gaze into the illuminable ... When he sees here to his horror how logic coils up at these limits and finally bites its own tail.

The cosmic symbolism of music resists any adequate treatment by language, for the simple reason that music, in referring to primordial contradiction and pain, symbolizes a sphere which is both earlier than appearance and beyond it.

We all talk about poetry so abstractly because we are all bad poets. At bottom the aesthetic phenomenon is quite simple: all one needs in order to be a poet is the ability to have a lively action going on begore one continually, to live surrounded by hosts of spirits. To be a dramatist one all one needs is the urge to transform one-self and speak out of strange bodies and souls.

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