Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Deconform September: The Spectacle

The new Deconform team has set a timeline for the fall issue that should carry us to print in early September. (Expect a nice, spiffy website makeover to launch with the next issue) Initially, I'll be happy to achieve a product similar to what the magazine has looked like in the past. The key, however, will be meeting our deadline every quarter and - as consistently and as aggressively as budget will permit - improving the overall quality of the magazine with each additional issue.

The theme we've chosen for the September issue is "The Spectacle." It's quite a broad theme, but it's one compelling enough to inspire our fairly diverse group of writers. We'll write about art - you can be sure of that - but the broader mission of the publication includes "Art, Music, Culture & Politics." I'm excited to see how it all takes shape.

I will be writing an art review or two as well a general piece about the spectacle of an art opening. The basic questions I want to ask myself (and folks in the community) include

*Does art have to be hip?; To what extent is "the scene" of art negative?;
*Are we putting too much emphasis on opening night?; Are we going to see art on weekdays?;
*How many people are actually talking about the paintings (for more than just a few minutes)?; and

*Why is it so damn loud in this gallery? I can't hear myself think!

I'm thoroughly excited about the whole project, and I hope to hear plenty of thoughts over the next couple of weeks.

Here's to the first re-launch issue of Deconform.


1 comment:

Narnia said...

Art doesn't have to be hip, but it does bring out the crowds. I think "the scene" is negative in that it's drawing people who are into socializing and being cool more than into art.
The weekdays are too busy for me to go to galleries (or do much of anything).
Opening nights are definitely when the majortiy of the money is made (at beep beep, at least).
That's all I got because I can't remember the other questions... and my brain isn't totally functioning right now.
See you later.