Sunday, August 19, 2007


So, I was born in the land of William Faulkner, underneath the sign of the Centaur on the first day of the final month of 1983. My father was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and my mother was born in the lower Appalachians.

Sometime during the 2!st Century, there will be a number of people who will learn precisely what those events mean. .

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littlejoke said...

December 1. Damn, you and John Crowley.

I share a birthday with Orhan Pamuk, I've just learned.

Nina/Narnia's blog and Ben's (glorious birds, and uh, Ben's blog) contain recent entries directly relevant to my itinerary to come (I don't mean the biennial, I mean the other part) and my just-posted entry on my LJ blog, respectively.

I also read Ben's family reunion story on ADIML with interest, without making the connection, possibly because I hadn't met him yet.

As Murakami writes in Kafka on the Shore, "there were just too many coincidences."

You should read my Mircea Eliade centenary meditation, which must have appeared on joculum sometime early in March since that was his 100th birthday. I'd written about Eliade, Campbell, Rexroth, and Japan in much earlier posts, so I really ought to go back and add tags to my LJ.

Jeremy said...

I love you Jerry. : )

This information is gold - platinum, even!