Thursday, July 12, 2007

Franz Illustrated: R. Crumb's Kafka

I don't do recommendations often, but

R. Crumb's graphic novel on Franz Kafka is a wonderful (and deeply informative) read. Whether you like Kafka or not, the illustrations are fun and are inked with an appropriately dark sense of humor.

These days, Crumb has evidently become mainstream enough that his Kafka can be found at most every Barnes & Noble (where you can pick it up and flip through without having to pay a dime). It's good.

Peter Kuper (image above, at left) also illustrated a comic version of "The Metamorphosis", but it may be harder to find.

But - I'm sorry to say - neither comic will really substitute for reading a Franz Kafka novel in full. (And there's certainly more to the guy than his short stories...)


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