Wednesday, May 23, 2007

... & more June Stuff

Alcove Gallery
“Broadstrokes: A Showcase of Four Female Painters”
Jenna Colby, Emmy Dudley, Laurel Hausler, & LiShinault
Opens Friday, May 25 7-11pm with music by Cinetrope
Show runs through June 22.

Beep Beep Gallery
“Crawl Space” Bryan Westberry - through June 10.

Lenny’s Bar
Youngblood Fundraiser - June 2nd.

Youngblood Gallery
MINT “Take Flight” - June 7-11, Opens June 9.

Flex Space
“History of the Future Show” - Opens June 8th.

Foundation One Gallery
Groundwork - through June 23.
- and
Derek Hess and BASK “Double Vision” - July 7-11
Opens July 14.



mike said...

Did you get a chance to see "groundwork" yet?

Narnia said...

hey. i'm glad you stopped by the gallery last week. maybe i'll see you around at other shows! Nina