Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Fistful of Rockets

Prism Building by Matt Relkin.

My preview story for The Ringling Brothers show was published in Pine Magazine yesterday! Click the excerpt to go to the full article:

Visual Trajectories: The Ringling Brothers

Just think of graduation like a mass rocket launch. Career, romance, cross-country migration, etc.; although each artist in the Ringling group followed a unique flight path, the parallels are similar. And that’s why Beep Beep Gallery is like a missile battery, an experimental launch site for rising talent. Beep Beep isn’t exactly “underground.” For better or worse, it’s more like ground zero.
Show opens Saturday, August 9, 8-11PM, featuring work by
Steven Dixey
Sat Kirpal Khalsa
Jason Murphy
Sten Mostrom
Katie Ridley
Matt Relkin

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Alan said...

Love the image of the building with the rainbow searchlights. Stumbled upon you through a limk from Thoughtmaker. Alan

Jeremy Abernathy said...

Yeah, it's pretty sweet isn't it. ; ) It reminds me of Ghostbusters for some reason...

If you're interested, Relkin also has paintings at Young Blood Gallery in the Highlands.

Cinque said...

Great article, Jeremy. There's a chance we could see a review of this show in the Loaf. As usual, I'll say what I really think...

Jeremy Abernathy said...

: )