Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rematch @ Eyedrum: Tonight

As a final addendum to the last post: Michi extends a warm, last-minute invitation for a "Rematch" event at the Eyedrum tonight. I'm not sure how many people could make it for the Comfort Kills opening, but this is the time to make it up. Definitely worth taking the folks.

On a related note: it may be seem foolish to use concepts like "earned media" when we're talking about a blog, but it is something I worry about. I try not to write about the same subject twice in a month. Sometimes you just have to break your own rules. My hesitance to write another post about Art Papers, on the other hand, was proven valid: almost every single blogger out here had something to say about those Canogar talks.

It makes you wonder if one well-timed tomahawk missile could
simply wipe us all out and, for a whole generation, cripple the development of some unknown, "critical" Atlanta arts movement. (We're a fairly predictable lot...)




Cinque said...

Unfortunately, I missed this, since I was out of town *again*. Was the exhibition changed in some way for this?

Jeremy said...

Not really - the hours were strange for the true opening, so I think they just wanted to give a little more exposure.

But they should have turned it into the grand spectacle - you know with a referee and people spitting blood and some random coach "throwing the towel." It would've been beautiful.