Friday, March 21, 2008

Details: Br'er

Change Come (close-up)

Stay Cool Br’er (close-up)

Ghee from India (super-close-up)

This is the last weekend to catch Br'er, a collaborative show by Michi and Dosa Kim over at Beep Beep Gallery. Photos courtesy of Denys, also known as "Kneesee." You can check her original Br'er post and Br'er preview on Kneesee's blog.

Below: On opening night, a live storyteller performed renditions of the old Br'er Rabbit stories. She periodically ripped audience members into the scene to play various Br'er characters. And it was a riot! I want to see more events as authentic and inspired as that one.

Images from Wildpeaches.



roula said...

the second one is especially awesome. it's weird how "brer rabbit and the tar baby" was not only a story told to kids but even had its own disney-made book+tape thing where you read along and "turn the page when you hear the chime". not that long ago. as in, i had it. i just like how that painting forces the story, which according to the cultural authorities is "just a story", to life.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, there's some really fascinating stuff going on under the surface. I tried to educate myself about those Remus stories, and there's just so many layers.

I think it was a difficult set of paintings for them to create, not just in terms of subject matter. Thanks for the input Roula. :)

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