Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Love for Beep Beep

As a late New Year's resolution, I'm going to avoid making awkward comments at galleries. Beep Beep was thoughtful enough to send me a holiday card this winter. Given the opportunity this Saturday, I totally botched a simple "Thank You."

Plus, it didn't help that one of my companions, a couch-surfing Frenchman in a pirate hat, wasn't being a great example of European manners. I mean, his idea of a handshake - making to choke slam one of the gallery owners - was pretty hilarious. But the timing wasn't especially great. (I didn't think he had that much to drink.)

Still, Mark was a good sport through it all. Southern hospitality withstood the insults of the Old World. In another time, it might have been cause for pistols or rapiers...

At any rate, I really did appreciate the card. Best of luck guys.


1 comment:

markyB said...

a good sport??? Me and your roommie are now filling out e-harmony forms and so far we're a good match. i can't wait to get home and answer the third tier of questions. tee hee

p.s. i'm a yankee! yeee-harrrw!