Thursday, May 04, 2006

Poems from the Machine

Some verse I "created" with the aid of William S Burroughs-Arthur Rimbaud poetry generator.


He faces the horizons in the shadowy glade where
A little wild ray of light gods who bit mankind sucked joyfully;
pours burning love the devil's paladins;
like dragonflies threading! when the sap of the world!

basement rent blackberry; kiwi angels faded hypnotized; honeydew candlelight mermaids; darkorchid frosty storm drain

Vision of her big breasts the hidden window.
- like an organ of iron, down the long black river.
For these cracked brains dropping pollen like commas.
- nubile and full-blooded through this horror of space.

storm drain lavenderblush flows seagreen coughing sepia rainbow

And faces the horizons, in the shadowy glade where
at her blessed nipple at times she rouses
on their pale vertebrae: organ-pipes;

Nailing them naked to coloured,
i should rudder and anchor,clamouring birds seen archipelagos of and of singing phosphorus
drowned men sank, down into abysses

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