Monday, February 27, 2006

My Childhood

Some images related to Ghost Map that are imbedded deep within the folds of my psyche:

1) Phantasmal Terrain - a completely useless Magic card.

2) Ghouls n/ Ghosts - 1988 Arcade game by Capcom. The Japanese title, Dai Makaimura ( 大魔界村 ), means "Great Demon World Village." (Japanese is that silly)

3) Powerslave - a little known Sega Saturn game. Like Doom, except in Egypt. This guy here is Set, the Egyptian god of choas and the alien desert waste. The art smacked of Todd McFarlane.

4) Ghostwriter, - a live-action, 1992 mystery for kids. Ghostwriter could communicate by rearranging words from computer screens, notebooks, advertisements etc. "That would be a negatory, Ghostwriter..."

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